- Manage, direct, control, spread and encourage the practice of kitesurfing, at all levels, especially in the Municipality of Caucaia.

- Promote and allow the realisation of competitions and sports events, at the municipal level and also participate in those same activities at national and international level.

- Regulate the registrations, listings, transfers and other legal requirements for kitesurfers in the municipality of Caucaia.

- Promote courses, seminars, forums, clinics and other similar activities of marketing, incentivising and promoting Kitesurf.

- Mediate, together with public and private entities, in terms of creating, operating, managing and developing the Municipal Kitesurfing Schools.

- Manage, to the extent of the available resources, support programs for Kitesurf Athletes and Instructors.

- Represent, in the function of the Municipal Directorate of Kitesurf, all the acts necessary for the realization of the purpose of this association

The association will observe the principles of legality, impersonality, morality, publicity, economy and efficiency in all its actions.

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We develop social and solidarity projects for the improvement of the entire community.

Discover what we do and contribute with your own ideas.

All together we are more efficient.

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Collaborate and help financially in the project that most interests you.

Choose one of already initiated projects or propose your own idea for a new project.

Any help, no matter how small, is very important for the whole community.

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