All the kitesurfers who help and contribute in this great project, lovers of kitesurfing, of our coastline, and who decide to improve our society.


- To spread and promote kitesurfing in the world with ethics and positive values.

- Support the social projects of the AKCA, as well as respect and take care of the environment.

- Accept all the rules of the association especially in relation to the safety of the student and the people.

- Actively collaborate in the development of the association.

- Share and disseminate on social networks: @akcaucaia


Basic Associate:     2,5 R$ x Month     Total Year:      30,00 R$

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+55 85 99735 0690

We are in:

Rua Almirante Soares Dutra, 71, Cumbuco, Caucaia/Ce, CEP: 61.619-020

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